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At David Allen Nutrition, we take a holistic approach to critically assess a client’s current health status and offer innovative therapies to meet the full potential of bodily functions. We aim to perfect the way in which we approach each one of our clients. Rather than making assumptions based on appearances, we take in consideration of results from advanced individualized testing, the client’s genetic predisposition and prior lifestyle choices.

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Nutritional Consulting

Personal one-on-one nutritional consulting services.

G.I. Health

We are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of issues with the gastrointestinal system, including those of the esophagus, stomach, colon, liver, small intestine, gallbladder, pancreas and biliary tract.

Neurotransmitter Balancing

We help our clients with Neurotransmitter imbalances that can cause problems with mood, memory, addictions, energy, libido, and sleep.


Helping our clients combat fatigue and improving physical and mental wellness.

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  • jon-geiger

    “Drew Prinz changes lives; it’s as simple as that. As a fitness professional with a sport-specific conditioning business for over 20 years, I have seen my share of people in and around the world of health counseling services. It is but a small fraction of those whom actually have the capacity to combine a vast library of knowledge with a detective’s keen insight and an artist’s means of creative exploration towards problem-solving challenges that have been lived-with for far too long but for the absence of the “right person” to diagnose and treat them. Such is my experience with Drew; I came to him as a result of a strong recommendation by an associate for whom I have a great deal of respect and I was not disappointed. The irony of being in the field of health as well oneself is that it takes a great deal of trust to put oneself in the hands of another, in effect saying; “This challenge that I am facing does not lie within the realm of my own expertise, so I am turning to you.” Drew takes such openness and honors it with great respect and a true spirit of compassion and empathy…and results! I wholeheartedly endorse Drew Prinz to anyone who may seek answers to what is going on within their body’s hormonal, glandular, chemical and nutritional areas which may be robbing them of optimizing their individual potential for maximum energy, clarity, and positive attitude…In fact, I am actively sending my own fitness clients and athletes to him for complementary health benefits. Sometimes it takes a bit of a luck to find the right person for the job, but if you’re reading this then know; look no further, he’s the real deal!”

  • lourdes-benedicto

    “David Allen changed my life! He changed the way I view food and my body. The most important thing to know about David’s method is that he does not only help you reach your goals (whatever they may be), he also educates you on how our bodies react to food and why it is so essential to feed them well! When I first went to David six years ago, I would say that I already had some good eating habits and was very into working out. However, I didn’t know how to balance these two things to get the results I wanted. David taught me that I needed to “eat more to lose more”; but that meant eating the right kinds of foods, along with the right portion and the right amount of times a day. In the end, reaching my goal was not the biggest reward. The best result was the education I received. I know what foods are best for my body, inside and out. When you think of your body as a machine, you understand that food is fuel! I am a very active person, and I know that whatever I put in my body, that’s what I get out of it. Now, what I eat and how I eat has become a way of life! It is so ingrained; it’s organic. I enjoy knowing and feeling that I’m doing the best for the one and only body that I will ever have!”

  • lorena-melgar-color-correction

    “Hi, my name is Lorena Melgar, and I’ve been seeing David Allen for about twelve years now. I have gone through many different phases with him, because I have been going to him before I had my two kids. My kids are 6 and 8 now. The first reason I went to him was for weight loss. I was just working out a lot. I have always been really active and overdo things, a little bit. You know, eat a little bit too much or… So, it wasn’t working. I wasn’t getting results. So I went to go see him. You know, you fill out a bunch of questionnaires. It takes you a little while to go through them, but that gives them an idea of what is going on with you. And then from there, he sees if you need any type of testing. At that time, yeah I had GI testing and my GI tract was pretty bad. So we had to work on that. And then I had to be a little patient and not be so highly active in my workouts and he personalized the plan for me. And it’s not even that strict. I can eat anywhere I want. I can order exactly what I need to be. He just cleans it up. So it’s not a diet plan, so to say, it is just a very healthy way of eating that can still taste good. So to me, that was like… yay! Ok I can do this. And then once you see the results, in your feeling, in your energy… makes a big difference. So I got kids, and then again I went back to him because I wanted to drop the weight again after my second child. And then as we were personalizing my plan again, I just started getting really hormonally imbalanced. Yeah it was post-partum, but at that time, it had been like a year after so we decided to do some more testing. And we did the blood test, hormones, and I was actually low in testosterone, which was news for me. I did not think that that would be my issue so I would have never known how to correct it. Also, I suffered from depression and I was at the point of going to the doctor. I had gotten prescriptions for anti-depressants even though it goes against what I believe. ‘Cause I just don’t believe in them. They are chemicals and they are not good for you. And I surrendered, and I did the brain chemistry test, and sure enough, I was producing way too much cortisol, so I was highly stressed and I didn’t even know it. So that kept the weight on. And also my serotonin levels were really low. So once I took the supplements, and creams and everything that he gave me, I really really started feeling better. You know, it takes a couple of weeks but it’s all worth it because it is such a long-term healing process and I would honestly say that that was my biggest break-through – my hormonal imbalance and my brain chemistry. Much more than weight loss, because that contributes to weight gain. If you are not happy, or you are imbalanced, you are going to crave a lot of things. A lot of sugar, alcohol, whatever it is. So David has just been wonderful in my life. I’ve had great breakthroughs with him… and also anti-aging. He is amazing for that! Honestly people think that I am ten years younger than what I look. I won’t reveal my age. But trust me, I look good! So thanks to David Allen.”

  • madny-jiroux

    “David Allen Nutrition has changed my life. Never before have I felt and looked so fit and healthy. I now have the body I have always dreamed of having and the confidence I need for my everyday life and career. David helped me to get my body in the best shape possible, particularly for my work on stage and in film. What I love most about David is that he genuinely cares about each of his clients and I immediately felt comfortable the moment I stepped into his office. David listens to my needs and concerns and has helped me achieve my fitness goals through dietary health and wellness in order to help me conquer my life goals and dreams. I will forever be grateful for the guidance David has given me on so many levels.”

  • kat-tuohy (1)

    “As cliche as it sounds, Drew, you have literally changed my life! I have never felt better, stronger, and have more energy in my entire life. Three months ago I would have never thought I could survive without bread and processed carbs. I felt like I needed them throughout my day. What would happen is I would eat some cereal in the morning, then three hours later I would ‘crash’ and I would then eat a sandwich or something heavy in carbs. When I say ‘crash’ I mean ‘crash’…like get the shakes, headaches, and I would literally get angry if I didn’t eat. Now, I wake up, eat what you have taught me to eat and I am able to sustain for so much longer. My body speaks to me so differently now. When I get hungry, I just get hungry in my stomach, not in my whole body. The shakes, anger, and headaches are gone! You have no idea how unbelievably priceless that is to me. I feel better, and healthier than I have in years (probably in my entire life). And…i’ve lost 5 pounds so far!!! I have a goal of 10 pounds to lose, half-way there! And I have no doubt that you will get me there. And don’t forget how much fun I am having learning all these new wonderful foods! I never thought I would be making Quinoa Tibouli and Lentil Soup! Mmm, so yummy! I can’t stop looking at my stomach in the mirror…I’m enjoying watching it shrink. Coming from someone who has tried everything and has never been able to lose weight, from the bottom of my heart I thank you so much for what you have done for me. I truly feel like a new me!”

  • janet-jackson-success

    “My nutritionist David Allen, is the one who kind of pulled it all together for me.”

  • New-Zealand-300x225

    “You’re smart, you know what to do, just eat less and move more”… so said an ex-boyfriend. Easy words if you’re not a food addict with enough baggage (physical/emotional abuse daily for most of my young life) to wear down even the strongest horse. In 2003 I was introduced to David and so began a journey that’s been littered with extreme highs and lows. Coming in at 260 lbs., I was at my wit’s end. I was either eating too much one-day or starving myself the next; I was walking 5 miles twice a day or lounging on the couch, remote in hand, for the next 3 days. My struggles with food are still there if I don’t adhere to David’s eating plan; when I veer off course, it’s always to the “Goodie Path” (sugar/processed carbs). I’m currently at 178 lbs. and walking 30 minutes daily plus lifting weight twice a week. Unfortunately, because I’ve yo-yoed with my diet since I was 7, I’m currently taking meds for diabetes. Remember, old thoughts sometimes take a lifetime to dispense with, even with wise and supportive friends and counseling. I had a cancer scare last July, which was remedied through surgery and gratefully I was given a clean bill of health; no chemo, no radiation. I owe that to David’s program. The three things I’ve learned over these last 10 years: 1) if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. For me, this means laying out a menu for the week so I’m not grabbing whatever is available; also, penciling in exercise 6 days a week. I may not love it, however, it’s necessary for my well-being; 2) David has, not once, judged me when I’ve fallen off the wagon. His encouragement, humor, and compassion have given me the strength to be resilient and get back up no matter how many times I fall (Batman quote from movie: “Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up”); and, 3) Most importantly, I no longer care if others make comments about my lifestyle; if they push me to eat processed carbs and sugar, I’m finally able to say no without apologies or explanations. I don’t have to be perfect anymore, just conscious of my choices. Thank you David, Drew, and all the wonderful staff who keep me on the path I was always meant to be on.

  • brooke-adams

    “I have been going to David for about 5 months and I couldn’t be happier with my results. Within 2 weeks of being on David’s plan, I saw significant improvement in my body composition, energy, and over all well being. I finally have a grasp on how to feel and look good long term, not just by using crash diets that are unhealthy and never last. The entire team is such a pleasure to be around. Working with David Allen Nutrition has been a vital part in readying myself for what’s to come in my profession.”

  • karla-zamudio

    “David Allen provided me with a nutritional program that literally transformed my life from being plagued with digestive problems and lethargicness to a state of high energy and overall health. What really impressed me most about his unique program is his amazing ability to customize it to almost any lifestyle. This is no small feat given the very active life I live each day.I recommend him to anyone that needs a nutritional boost in their life. Thank you David and Staff!”

  • “After years of yo-yo dieting and discontent, I was ready for a change. A friend of mine, who looked terrific 4 months after having a baby, recommended David Allen. From our first session I knew we would have great success together. David put together a meal plan for me that was healthy and manageable. I am still a client after 2 1/2 years, 30 pounds lighter and through with dieting. The structure that David set up for me on that first day is an integrated part of my life today and it provides me with an anchor that continues to ground me when things get chaotic. David is dedicated and knowledgeable – with his guidance and support, I acquired the tools that enabled me to feel as good about my body at 47 as I did when I was considerably younger. And that feels fantastic!”

  • chelsea-gilligan

    “David helped me tremendously during my journey to 2009 Miss California Teen USA. He is truly the best of the best!!”

  • kevin-marburger

    Dear David, I am not sure I could ever express just how truly grateful I am for all of the help and quidance you have given me over the years. In the Spring of 2007, I was diagnosed with inflammation of the colon by a gastroenterologist. He put me on twelve pills a day and told me I would be on them indefinitely. After four months of no results, I took the advice of my friends ans came to see David. And as I said, I am not sure I can express how truly grateful I am that I did. The doctors i had been seeing all seemed content to merely “treat the symptons.” But with David, I felt his approach was to “heal the body.” We did this with a carefully planned detox, diet and supplements. Within a few months, the inflammation was completely gone. As extra benefits, David’s plan helped me shed about ten percent of body fat and I becams much more educated and aware of what kinds of food I needed to stay healthy. Thanks to David, my body has not only healed, but I was in the best shape of my life. And now, four years later, I continue to work with him on maintaining my health and ideal weight. Whether you have a specific ailment, want to lose weight or simply want to live a healthier life, I strongly recommend you visit David and his staff. Simply put, David, you changed my life and for that, I cannot thank you enough.

  • “David is not only a great nutritionist but he genuinely cares about his clients. His entire team offers nutrition tips, which I will use forever. He knows what will work for your body and you really see the results you have been wanting. Thanks David for making my body great for Miss USA!!!”

  • “I saw Drew in 2007 for stomach issues that my doctor could not resolve and I did not want to be on medication for the rest of my life, which is what she was prescribing. After a small change in diet that focused on eating less sugar and was easy! –like eating peanut butter on my toast instead of jam, it went away and I felt great. I also lost 12 pounds! After having two kids, I was leaner than before I was pregnant at 123 pounds! I didn’t see Drew again until just recently, in 2010, when I had some strange swelling/edema in my foot and hand and again, the doctors had no answers. After many tests that came up negative, the doctors told me that I just was processing salt differently and had to “live with it.” I was gaining 8 pounds a day somedays! this was totally acceptable. Again, I turned to Drew. He had me continue to eat normally and do a protein cleanse shake twice a day. Within two days, all the swelling went away. He also had me do a NeuroLab HPA test to look at how my neurotransmitters were functioning. It turns out that some levels were lower than they should be. After two days of vitamin supplements, I felt like a new person! Amazing. I was no longer exhausted and felt so much better. All by using natural remedies. I can’t tell you how much Drew helped me. I want people to know so that they see that there are other solutions when they have physical complaints besides taking drugs or “living with it.” Sometimes, it just takes a small adjustment in your diet and some supplements to balance things out. How easy is that? Easy!! Thanks Drew.”

  • Evie Romo January 8, 2014 0 Comments Leave a Comment ADD TO FAVORITES SHARE THIS 0 inShare Dear David, I can’t even begin to express my gratitude to you and your entire team on the magnificent change that has occurred in my life. I came to you overweight, fatigued, stressed and with absolutely no direction as to how I could get my life back in control. The meticulous way in which you studied by blood work and examined my eating and lifestyle was and still continues to amaze me. I have learned to make the right choices with the meal plan you provided me and can say now that going from a size 14 to a size 10 is remarkable (oh yes! – and still losing). The combination of eating properly and my supplements has given me more energy, my stress is at a minimal and I have now an overall well being that I haven’t felt in a very long time. Thank you for your kindness, guidance and overall professionalism in helping me understand that taking care of “me” is down right GREAT!!!!!

  • I am a single mother, 52 years old, with 3 daughters, and an International Flight Attendant for a Major Airline. I weighed 178 pounds when I first came to Drew. He has helped me get into shape. I now eat right in a conscious way and I feel I’m in the best health at my age. He’s the reason for my transformation, mind, body, spirit, heart and soul. Drew has educated me on Food and the different Food Groups and what it does in combination, with his Knowledge and Wisdom. He has designed a special program for me, eating the right foods at the right times, snacking healthy and nibbling every 3 hours. He also taught me how to shop for food and how to prepare my food and snacks to take with me on my trips. He has my supplements shipped to me. I am humbled with gratitude in my heart for having Drew in my life. I feel blessed. Goodbye – Menopause – no more night sweats no more hot flashes, I don’t feel like I’m in menopause, thank you kindly Drew. I live my life with Bliss and laughter, like I’m truly 21 years old, starting over with life experiences under my belt. Drew has been my food therapist since March, 2006. I have lost 35 pounds and will continue to lose another 25 pounds, which is my target weight down 60 lbs. without pressuring myself. I call upon Drew at any given moment with questions and power talks to keep me on track. No matter what country, state or city I am in, he is always available and ready to tackle anything that is on my mind, to keep me on track whether by cell phone or email. Through his soft spoken patient ways, I am confident I can do it. Above all, he’s my coach that gives me power talks when I need it. I owe Drew my results for being in my prime and perfect health and getting to my happy weight, as I continue to visualize seeing my dream come true. Drew is making each step along my journey a reality. God Bless Drew Prinz, I owe you Big Time. All My Love Forevermore. Aloha and a Big Mahalo from my Heart,

  • kelly-carter

    “David Allen Nutrition has helped me so much in so many different ways. I am a competitive athlete in Submission Fighting and Mixed Martial Arts. When I first came to David Allen I was 25 lbs. overweight, which was a factor that lead to a broken ankle that required surgery. While I was down with this injury, I was able to take off 18lbs mainly from the food plan and supplementation and have taken off another 5lbs since back in training. I was able to heal from the injury well enough to take 2nd in the CA International Tournament and 1st in the CA State Championships in an age group younger than me and against advanced blackbelts. At 40 years old, I am a better fighter than I have ever been. What you eat reflects on your performance especially when you are competing against great fighters in their prime. Thank you for all the help David and his crew. I am also a holistic health care provider and I have sent many of my clients to David with great success. My clients benefit from this partnership of expert nutrition and professional physical training. I recommend it to all my clients and anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle, and to fell younger, stronger and more confident about their bodies.”

  • I would like to write this testimonial in appreciation of the excellent professional advice and suggestions you have given me the last several months. On February 16th of this year you suggested I try a nutritional eating program and use of supplements to take which may reduce my total cholesterol number of 311, triglycerides of 268 and LDL of 201. My fasting glucose level was 177. On that day I weighed 191 lbs. On April 4th, forty seven days later, my physician took a blood draw and weighed me. My new weight was 171. My total cholesterol had dropped 130 points and the glucose number was reduced by 71 points!!! Triglycerides went down 205 pts. & LDL was lowered by 83 pts. It was a remarkable statement of your expertise in handling my eating program and use of supplements while I continued exercising five days a week. You have helped me to understand how important it is to follow a successful eating program with necessary supplements while performing a reasonable exercise program. Thank you for such sound and realistic advice. I highly recommend your services to anyone who is willing to follow a simple program of eating nutritionally and exercising regularly by following your expert advice.

  • Kathy-Lohmann-300x225

    “Have you ever had a life changing moment? I did, when I turned to David Allen Nutrition for help with my frustration of weight gain. Life’s happenings had increased stress in my life and my health was affected tremendously. Weight gain was steady and dealing with stress in general was challenging. The care and attention I received at David Allen was overwhelmingly moving and guided me through a 40 lb weight loss journey, feeling better and obviously looking better than I have in years. David put me on a program, answered my questions and took genuine care in my health and concerns. The entire team in David’s office embraces you with a caring sense that is not always present in an office situation. How wonderfully blessed I feel to have experienced, and continue to experience, the attention and nurturing support from the moment you enter the office to when you leave, it feels like family. David Allen and Drew Prinz lead their team in a fashion that is unique. The knowledge, professionalism, atmosphere and guidance are to be compared to no other nutritional office that I know of. I have chatted with both David and Drew regarding insecurities, needing reinforcement or just general questions, always to be answered and explained in detail and language that I completely understand and feel confident and secure with. They are a wealth of knowledge. I use the term Life Changing, because this journey is just that. My emotional state of mind is back on steady ground; my confidence is back which changes your approach to every day. I rise and face each day with positivity and I feel strongly that David Allen Nutrition is such a strong presence and force behind this amazing transformation of mind, body and soul. Friends ask, what did you do, you look amazing? I can only answer, David Allen Nutrition. I thank David over and over, but it doesn’t seem enough…but once again David, Thank you for helping me reclaim my life and not accepting the one I had fallen into!”

  • Dear David, I wanted to take a few moments and thank you and Drew for the great job you have done for me. When I started working with you I was, to say the least, a wreck; having tried the “normal” medical route to address my issues with not too much success. Your approach is impressive, and much more importantly effective. Starting with you Dave and through the entire organization is an attitude of, “we can help you, but you have to help yourself”. There is the unique blend between caring for the individual and the necessary tough love to get the individual to care for them self. Through this combination of caring and coaching I was able to get off medication, lose weight and gain confidence I had lost. Both you and Drew always have time to say hi when I stop in the office and ask how I am doing, which means so much to me in this busy world of things to be done. It is to me another reflection of how both you and Drew care for the patients. I have and continue to recommend you to family and friends, as an alternative to an unsuccessful “normal” medical treatment where the diet has not been considered as part of the treatment. Where the approach has been treat the symptom not the whole person. I consider it a great gift to know both you and Drew; and I wish you and Drew continued success with your practice. Regards, Gary Wessely

  • april-beaty-resized-2

    "Hi there, my name is April Beaty. I am 31 years old and I am a registered nurse. I just wanted to share a few things about my experience with David Allen Nutrition and how he has just literally changed my life. I saw David in January of this year mainly for two reasons: the first being I had developed a pretty severe GI disturbance, I was having problems with reflux, and heartburn as well as just generalized abdominal discomfort every time I ate. It was really affecting my life and my ability to be productive. I really just needed some assistance there and then the second reason I called David was because I struggled with my weight for the majority of my life. I weighed 142 in seventh grade and I am only 5 3 and a half. And that obviously wasn’t a good thing. My weight issues continued on through adulthood. I diet and lose some, and then gain some back and continue the cycle over and over again and I was looking to really find a way to alleviate my symptoms as well as implement some changes that were going to be lasting and I just really wanted assistance in maintaining a healthy weight as well. My first appointment with David went really well. He first started by explaining the program to me, how it was structured, and then he began a detailed assessment. He asked me questions about my lifestyle, my work, about the amount of stress in my life, my eating habits, sleeping habits, everything you could ever want to know about me pretty much. I was thankful that he was very thorough, because I really just wanted to figure out what my problems were and hopefully get them fixed. That’s the one thing I loved about David. He looked at everything. On top of the detailed assessment, he also ordered specific labs for me, he looked at my hormone levels, and everything you could test pretty much from a couple tubes of blood. I got the results back from that. When he saw the results, he went over them with me, he started me on the GI cleanse to alleviate my GI symptoms and to just create a blank slate in my body and start fresh. Within three days of starting the GI cleanse, I felt like a new person. I had so much more energy. I was sleeping a lot better. I felt great. Not once did I feel deprived. I didn’t feel hungry at all, very satisfying. I tribute all of that to the lengths that David goes to create a customized plan for each person. My plan wouldn’t be like your plan, or Johnny’s plan or whoever else goes to him. It’s specific for me. The meal plan, the supplements. Everything has my name all over it. And that’s why I think the program works so well and it is so successful. I am 113 days and I am down about 30 pounds. I am the thinnest I have ever been in my life and I haven’t felt better. I have energy to make it through my work day which can sometimes be very long and hectic and I am sleeping better. My skin is clear and just overall, I just feel great about myself. There are a couple of things that I think is very different about David Allen and very appealing. The first to me is that it is very science-based, which as a nurse is kind of important. I appreciate that he looks at what is going on inside your body, each person individually in order to create a successful plan and be successful. Everything is based on your lab work and your complaints or your symptoms. Another reason that I think I have been so successful with David Allen is because he is such a positive person. He believes in positive energy, and positive thinking. Each time I called for my appointment, he was there to encourage me. If I was hitting a plateau or feeling a little discouraged, or a little bored with the program he was there to cheer me on, and he would tweak a couple of things with my meal plan and my supplements and we’d go full speed ahead. You know I feel like the whole time I can conquer the world and I think a lot of it has to do with the attitude and encouragements that David and his team give. David is very experienced. He’s been doing this for a long long time and he has got a great intuition about the body and how each system works together. And I think this is one of the things that sets him apart from most other programs – that intuition that he has and the experience that he has, and he is really able to pinpoint the problem, create a plan to fix it, and fix it. I am just truly truly grateful when I say that I am a new person I am not lying. I feel 100 percent better, and that to me is absolutely priceless. So, if you are on the fence, if you are pondering a weight loss plan, I encourage you to give David Allen Nutrition a try. It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am so much more confident and I love myself. I know it sounds cheesy but I really do. That affects all aspects of my life so if you are thinking about it, if you are on the fence, please give it a try, you won’t regret it, I promise you. You really won’t. The weight loss has been great for me but having my health back and being able to be productive has been such a blessing to me so good luck, give it a try. I know you will be successful. Thanks again; Thanks David and the team. I appreciate you.”

  • allison-mueller-corrected

    Hi my name is Ally and I have been a client of Dave’s for about two years now. I originally went into him because I was having trouble losing those last few pounds and I needed help with my energy levels and my mood swings, and my digestion and there was a long list. I went in a bit skeptical because I was like… what is a nutritionist going to help me with, right? And I talked for 45 minutes. I was like… okay this is my medical history, this is what I want to achieve, this is when I want to achieve it, and it didn’t faze him one bit. He looked at me and said, okay this is what we are going to do: A, B and C. And I did a few blood tests, I did an adrenal gland test, and I did a hormone panel. And with all of that, he made a list of supplements that could help me, and gave me a meal plan, and basically changed my life. Before I went to him, I had this feeling of “Is this how I am suppose to feel for the rest of my life?” It’s like… I eat really clean and I work out a lot but I never feel good. A month after being with David, I felt like a different person. I was more confident, more productive. My thinking was more clear and focused. It was amazing. I hadn’t felt that good since… I couldn’t remember when I felt that good. And it’s just really cool because I’ve been to a lot of doctors and I’ve read a lot of books and the one thing that separates David and his office apart from everyone else is that they know how to treat the individual. They don’t stuff you in a box, you know and just say, “oh, this client wants to lose weight and this one wants to clear up their skin. This one wants to balance their hormones. They know how to create a balanced individualized plan and that really helped me, especially living in LA and going from one thing to the next, and you know like never having time. They created a simple plan that is not extreme and I can still travel, I can still be social and I can still feel amazing. They’ve just taught me a different way of life, and I am so appreciative and so blessed to have come across their office. And his staff are amazing. They help you all along the way, and because it is a process, I am not going to lie, it doesn’t happen overnight. Pretty close, hah! But I highly recommend them. Everybody that I have recommended to them have had amazing results and are still in contact with him. I know that I will forever be a client because there is always something. We only have one body and I think that their office and Dave know exactly how to treat anything and everything, quite frankly. But, yeah, good luck on your journey!”

  • “I am a 46 year old woman who started with David Allen Nutrition two years ago. Prior to that, I noticed my metabolism slowing down, I had no energy and I started gaining weight. I thought I was eating correctly while working out 3-4 times a week. After a few weeks with my new eating regimen, I started gaining more energy and slowly losing weight. For the past two years, I have felt amazing. Everyone wants to work with personal trainers to keep them physically fit. Well, I call David Allen Nutritionist my personal trainer for my dietary needs and supplement intake. They work closely with my medical history and have customized a plan especially for me. Thanks for keeping me ‘spinning like a top!’”