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Connie Eakes

"You’re smart, you know what to do, just eat less and move more”… so said an ex-boyfriend. Easy words if you’re not a food addict with enough baggage (physical/emotional abuse daily for most of my young life) to wear down [...]

Kathy Lohmann

"Have you ever had a life changing moment?  I did, when I turned to David Allen Nutrition for help with my frustration of weight gain. Life’s happenings had increased stress in my life and my health was affected tremendously.  Weight [...]

Kelly Carter

"David Allen Nutrition has helped me so much in so many different ways. I am a competitive athlete in Submission Fighting and Mixed Martial Arts. When I first came to David Allen I was 25 lbs. overweight, which was a [...]

Ramona Braganza

"David has helped me with several of my celebrity clients who have come to me with their nutritional concerns. Once they begin his recommended programs they see results! Davids experience, knowledge and pleasant personality has allowed him to achieve a [...]

Evie Romo

Dear David, I can’t even begin to express my gratitude to you and your entire team on the magnificent change that has occurred in my life. I came to you overweight, fatigued, stressed and with absolutely no direction as to [...]

Lourdes Benedicto

"David Allen changed my life! He changed the way I view food and my body. The most important thing to know about David’s method is that he does not only help you reach your goals (whatever they may be), he [...]

George M. Potsic

Dear Drew, I would like to write this testimonial in appreciation of the excellent professional advice and suggestions you have given me the last several months. On February 16th of this year you suggested I try a nutritional eating program [...]

Len Levy

I have been taking a number of medications over the past 12 years to help control the symptoms of Crohn’s Enterocolitis, a chronic intestinal bowel disease, for which there is no cure. One of those medications (Remicade) is administered intravenously, [...]

Judy Kamins

"After years of yo-yo dieting and discontent, I was ready for a change. A friend of mine, who looked terrific 4 months after having a baby, recommended David Allen. From our first session I knew we would have great success [...]

Marcel H.

"I came to see Drew with symptoms similar to irritable bowel syndrome. Food just upset my gastrointestinal system tremendously. I was bloaty, grumpy and by the end of each day feeling pretty toxic. I recently got married and being grumpy [...]

Allison Arnold

"I am a 46 year old woman who started with David Allen Nutrition two years ago. Prior to that, I noticed my metabolism slowing down, I had no energy and I started gaining weight. I thought I was eating correctly [...]

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