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david-headshotDavid Allen

David Allen has unparalleled reputation in the field of alternative health solutions for his expertise at helping clients overcome weight issues, gastrointestinal disorders, adrenal problems, hormonal imbalances and allergy symptoms. Recognized as one of Los Angeles’s leading celebrity nutritionists, David has a clientele that includes numerous actors/actresses, high-profile professionals, and accomplished athletes. Confidential body transformations are his specialty, but he caters to all those who desire to achieve physical changes and those who wish to optimize their health.

He has perfected his art of scrutinizing clinical markers for abnormalities because of his professional acumen at detecting deviant numbers and of his natural curiosity to uncover underlying factors affecting the illness condition, whether it is physical or psychological.  David marches at the forefront of novel technology, integrating a myriad of cutting-edge testing services with encouraging making lifestyle changes. He is the best of his field to listen, analyze and motivate. Moreover, he recognizes individual differences in the genetic predispositions and environmental exposure in his clients so he strives to treat each new case as a different story to unfold. With more than a decade of experience in nutrition counseling and a strong background in fitness training, David uses science as the foundation to push his clients to the peak of their health.

drew-headshotDrew Prinz

Drew Prinz brings to David Allen Nutrition his valuable expertise and multidisciplinary research in dealing with a vast number of conditions and disease states, especially in autistic kids, gastrointestinal disorders and neurotransmitter imbalances. Following his education at Stanford University, he established a company that marketed U.S. manufactured supplements to global markets in Europe and Asia. Among his most notable accomplishments, Drew battled government agencies to allow the importation and sale of American vitamins in Germany, Italy & France. In addition to being a Clinical Nutritionist, Drew designs and formulates unique dietary supplements that are based upon current research and physiological necessities. Drew has a Business degree from Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business.

Endowed with excellent critical analysis and problem solving skills, Drew gently probes every aspect of an individual’s life in order to find the best remedy to the problem. He approaches each lab report as only a snapshot in time, and continually strives to put the pieces of a larger puzzle together. His attentiveness to detail truly sets him apart from other healthcare practitioners, because he constantly digs for cutting-edge scientific research to solve for unexplained enigmas. His mission is to help every single client reach the peak of his or her physical and mental performance. His success stories can be largely contributed to his determination to investigate, research and treat.

Drew is active in the scientific community. He is a member of Member of the Clinical Advisory Board at Sanesco Health and Neurolab. Sanesco is an international biomedical firm that develops integrative clinical assessment and support tools for healthcare providers, which include neuroendocrine analytical testing, non-drug nutritional support formulas, and patient-centered clinical review based on over 100 self-reported patient data points.