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Adrenal Recovery

“I first went to David because I was having problems with my adrenals, extra pounds… or a bunch of extra pound, by the way.”

Manny Arguello

For each thousand-mileage point, we bring our cars to the maintenance shop because they need an oil change or new tires. Do we see a healthcare practitioner regularly to get advice on how we can function more efficiently? The human body is a much more complex and vulnerable system than a car. For every single day that we exist on this planet, we are doing countless detrimental things to our bodies like constant worrying and stress that we get from our relationships or job. Stress is the most prevalent cause of adrenal fatigue, a condition where our adrenal gland gives out and stops functioning the way that it is suppose to.

If we take care of our cars, why do we not do the same thing for our bodies? At David Allen Nutrition, we help our clients be well-oiled machines running high on energy. Our adrenal function is essential for optimal energy levels, which is why we specialize in reviving adrenal function once it runs out of fuel.

The adrenal gland is an important piece of puzzle in the Hypothalamus-Pituitary- Adrenal (HPA) Axis. The adrenal gland receives signals from the hypothalamus and pituitary to secrete cortisol, dehydroepiandrosterone – sulfate (DHEA-s), aldosterone, and small amounts of estrogen and testosterone. Clients who come see us with adrenal fatigue either have very low or high cortisol levels. Having chronic stress causes cortisol to spike. Cortisol is an extremely crucial hormone in regulating blood pressure, immune function and blood sugar. Having low cortisol levels in the body causes extreme fatigue, low blood pressure, poor immune functions and increased susceptibility to allergies.

Under normal circumstances, cortisol levels are the highest in the morning, and gradually declines as the day goes on. The cortisol levels at night are the lowest, as our brain prepares us for sleep. Clients who have almost no cortisol in the morning have difficulty getting up even though they have had sufficient amount of sleep the night before. Furthermore, they feel fatigued for the entire day.

Would you want to drive a dilapidated car that constantly lags behind everyone else? At David Allen Nutrition, we offer a complete service to keep you energized throughout the day by ensuring a healthy adrenal gland.

“I have never felt better, stronger, and have more energy in my entire life. Drew, you have literally changed my life!”

Kat Tuohy

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