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At David Allen Nutrition, we have developed a model around nutrition to slow down and to prevent the detrimental effects of aging. We believe that nutrition is the most natural way to reduce the rate of aging, and improving nutrition will have the most rewarding and long-lasting benefits.

Why do we age? As our cells perform their everyday functions, Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) are spontaneously generated from using oxygen to produce energy. These ROS are self-perpetuating, meaning that the vicious run-away damage accelerates when one reaches an older age. ROS, in conjunction with inflammation, leads to the on-set of chronic diseases such as obesity, cancer and diabetes. At David Allen Nutrition, we offer proven therapies such as various patented mixture of antioxidants to clear ROS.

Antioxidants such as selenium, copper and zinc are required for the function of certain enzymes that help convert ROS into a harmless forms in our body. Supplementation of some micronutrients is crucial because many of them such as zinc, copper, calcium, iron, phytate and polyphenols share the same transporters for uptake in the gut. Consuming them together may limit absorption so getting an ample amount in the diet may not be sufficient for optimal health.

Why do some people age better than others? Several important factors affect aging, such as genetics, exercise, stress and the most important one of them all, nutrition. At David Allen Nutrition, we utilize nutrition as the key tool to reverse aging because nutrition can impact all of the other factors like genetics, exercise and stress. For instance, eating a methyl-rich diet or supplementing with methylated compounds such as folate, betaine and choline adds methyl groups to DNA sequences to activate or turn off certain genes. This phenomenon is collectively known as epigenetics. Epigenetics is how the cell in our hands know not to express genes for the feet.

“I am a 46 year-old woman who started with David Allen Nutrition two years ago. Prior to that, I noticed my metabolism slowing down, I had no energy and I started gaining weight. After a few weeks with my new eating regimen, I started gaining more energy and slowly losing weight. Thanks for keeping me ‘spinning like a top!”

Allison Arnold (Los Angeles, CA)

Scientific Research

A fascinating research study found that mice fed with a methyl-rich diet had the altered Agouti gene that is present in both humans and mice. In mice exclusively, the Agouti gene affects coat color and the chance of contracting chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and cancer. The mouse that is fed with a methyl-rich diet had a brown coat instead of yellow, was leaner and did not contract chronic diseases. This study was crucial to show us that good nutrition, especially a diet with methyl-rich foods, is helpful in changing how an individual looks and feels. Other than influencing the expression of DNA, having excellent nutrition can also impact other factors that influence aging. For example, nutrition is efficient in reducing stress level and boosting energy level to encourage more exercise. At David Allen Nutrition, we also recognize that too much of anything may be counter-productive. That is why we are professionals with years of experience in making using evidence-based testing to achieve a balanced therapy – one that is not overdone with antioxidants, methylated compounds, or micronutrients. We can test for your current levels before we recommend supplementation through food or dietary supplements.

Bottom Line

Aging is an inevitable process of life because through time, our body undergoes wear-and-tear. Naturally, our bodies’ repair systems are not as efficient so aging symptoms such as cognitive decline, hormonal imbalances, brain inflammation, decreased absorption of nutrients, protein loss, fat increase, decreased bone density and slowed metabolism can occur. At David Allen Nutrition, we can help you live to your fullest no matter which stage of life you are in. We have the most innovative remedies to keep you looking and feeling young.

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