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Autoimmune Disorders

Autoimmune disorders result from inflammatory responses during which the body attacks itself. The consequences can be very severe, as the exacerbated inflammation can affect the joints, the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, and the lymph nodes. Some known autoimmune disorders are rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Hashimoto’s and lymphoma. Autoimmune disorders all have extremely painful symptoms, because the inflammatory substances produced trigger pain receptors in the brain, informing it of the battle-like atmosphere going on inside. At David Allen Nutrition, we can test for inflammatory markers in blood and soothe the self-attack by utilizing natural compounds to fight the inflammation.

“I have been taking a number of medications over the past 12 years to help control the symptoms of Crohn’s Enterocolitis, a chronic intestinal bowel disease, for which there is no cure. While my condition is chronic, and there is no cure yet, David and Drew have helped me tremendously in drastically reducing the symptoms, and increasing my energy and overall well being.”

Len Levy

In autoimmune disorders, the signal to develop inflammation is caused by cell surface molecules. Furthermore, substances called cytokines can bind to cell surface molecules as part of the inflammatory signaling cascade. A common pro-inflammatory cytokine is called Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha (TNF-a). Traditional medicine treats autoimmune disorders withdrugs, often made with human antibodies that target the cell surface molecules and cytokines like TNF-a. Although these drugs work to suppress the inflammatory response by preventing inflammatory molecules from sending out signals, they have very devastating side effects, such as unwanted triggering of the immune symptom, infections, heart failure, fatigue, headaches, depression, anxiety and the development of other inflammation. For example, medications designed to soothe the inflammation from Inflammatory Bowel Diseases may be able to cause lymphoma, which is another autoimmune disease.

David Allen Nutrition takes a radical approach to help with autoimmune diseases by offering natural compounds that inhibit pro-inflammatory substances. We also have a variety of immune-modulating therapies that calm the body from its self-attack. For example, one of our effective therapies includes gamma-linoleic acid (GLA), which inhibits neutrophils and TNF-a from initiating inflammatory pathways. GLA has minimal side effects because it is an omega-6 fatty acid, but unlike other omega-6 fatty acids linoleic acid or arachidonic acid, GLA suppresses the immune response. When it comes to autoimmune disorders, early detection of inflammatory substances in the body may be the key for prevention. At David Allen Nutrition, if we detect an abundance of inflammatory agents in the blood, we will execute our protocols to recover the body from inflammation, avoiding the exacerbation and on-set of autoimmune disorders.

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