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Blood Pressure Management

Keeping blood pressure under control is crucial to maintain optimal cardiovascular health. Many factors raise blood pressure, the common ones being obesity, high cholesterol, vitamin D deficiency and lack of exercise. At David Allen Nutrition, we are concerned about blood pressure because high blood pressure can lead to decreased oxygen carried to the rest of the body, a condition called hypoxia. Many cardiac events such as stroke or heart attack result from compromised delivery of blood to a specific area in the body. Natural therapies at David Allen Nutrition work to dilate blood vessels to prevent the constriction or clogging of arteries and to cleanse the body of inflammation. Furthermore, if your tests reveal that you suffer from vitamin D deficiency, a simple remedy such as vitamin D supplementation can prevent or reduce hypertension.

“David has guided me through the challenges that I have had… I have a very stressful job, and I am very happy, because I have David in my life and he has helped me be better everyday.”

Manny Arguello

Other than diet and lifestyle choices, many other factors can influence blood pressure, the most important ones being nicotine use, emotional stress, over-production of catecholamines in the brain, hypothyroidism, adrenal insufficiency, liver cirrhosis and glucocorticoid deficiency. All of these conditions are complicated medical terms, but what it comes down to is that when an individual experiences emotional stress, trauma, or chronic inflammation, the body retains water, resulting in elevations in blood pressure. If stress is a big part of your life, it could be causing any of the above, including over-production of catecholamines, hypothyroidism and adrenal insufficiency.

The team at David Allen Nutrition views all these symptoms as a full vicious circle. Stress may cause the burn out of the adrenal gland, raising blood pressure, which restricts blood and oxygen delivery to tissues, causing more stress for the body. However, there is hope to reverse these symptoms, starting with herbal remedies, vitamins, and minerals that balance your hormones to help you achieve a more peaceful state. We offer individualized diet and supplement plans tailored to your needs, so if blood pressure management is part of your story, we will fit it within your own handbook to health and longevity.

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