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Cholesterol is an essential component for maintaining physiological health. It is an integral part of the cellular membrane and it is a precursor to hormones, vitamin D, and bile for recycling and excreting materials. Although cholesterol can be acquired from food, the majority of the cholesterol circulating throughout the body is produced and packaged by the liver. When an excess of cholesterol builds up, the relative risk for heart attack and stroke increases.

Unfortunately, Americans spend approximately 10 billion dollars a year on Statin medications for the purpose of lowering cholesterol. Doctors will often prescribe Statin medications because they are a quick fix to reducing cholesterol levels but these medications can have serious side effects, such as irreversible damages to the digestive tract. Prescribed medications are not the only course of treatment; physicians prescribe them because they are focused on a threshold number. Studies have shown that the harmful LDL cholesterol can decrease by 40 percent in one year just by making diet and lifestyle changes alone.

David Allen Nutrition provides many options for achieving balanced and healthy cholesterol levels. We suggest supplements that have shown to greatly improve healthy cholesterol HDL levels, lower the atherogenic LDL particles and provide testing to investigate the progression of recovery.

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