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Conquering Inflammation 2018-04-24T07:18:23+00:00

Conquering Inflammation

Just like how we never stop breathing for as long as we are alive, our bodies never stop fighting inflammation. The invisible toxins in the air that we breathe in are silent killers inside our bodies, consistently causing damage to our cells, membranes and organs. Often times, avoiding these toxins is impossible, because of where we live or our job. Each individual may be exposed to different environmental toxins such as air pollutants and heavy metals in our food supply or even in the cups that drink with. These toxins alert our parasympathetic nervous system to be ready to fight, so we may feel unhappy, moody and anxious as a result. At David Allen Nutrition, we have designed a program to help the body combat toxins by boosting our innate defense system. We give these natural remedies to our clients so their bodies can more efficiently fend off these silent killers to live a healthier, longer and more fulfilling life.

Research studies have shown that children who reside in urban areas exhale more nitric oxide, which is the biomarker for airway inflammation, than children who reside in rural areas. Airway inflammation induces the on-set of respiratory diseases such as asthma. Furthermore, children who have asthma have a higher chance of contracting food allergies because all allergies can elicit an immune response. This observation is crucial to demonstrate that inflammation in the body is not only limited to one area, but can spread to various other parts of the body to cause damage.

“With David, I felt his approach was to “heal the body.” We did this with a carefully planned detox, diet and supplements.”

Kevin Marburger

Not only does inflammation cause respiratory and food allergies, chronic inflammation also alters metabolism leading to weight gain, causes signs of aging, and leads to the development of pain. Pain is our body’s method of warning us that our system is under attack, but not all forms of pain are palpable. Some are signals to the Central Nervous System, inducing us to have an altered behavior or mood. Inflammation also overworks the immune system, which may weaken our bodies’ defense against combatting other harmful species such as cancer cells or viruses.

At David Allen Nutrition, we utilize protocols consisting of various antioxidants, natural herbs, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids to conquer inflammation. We realize that often antioxidants work synergistically so we take into careful consideration the interactions between antioxidants before we recommend a course of action. For example, alpha-lipoic acid has been found to have immunomodulatory effects but chronic use of alpha-lipoic acid will deplete the body of biotin levels because these two compounds compete to bind onto enzymes. Therefore, at David Allen Nutrition, we will take a precautionary approach and also give a dosage of biotin.

In addition, the body does not absorb all antioxidants equally. For example, glutathione is a power enzyme in clearing Reactive Oxygen Species, but our gastrointestinal tract does not absorb much of it. Instead, at David Allen Nutrition, we give our clients a cysteine compound called NAC, which is a precursor used to synthesize glutathione. Studies have shown that supplementing with NAC increases serum levels of glutathione.

Even moderate levels of inflammation in the body can hinder the body from functioning optimally but most of the time, individuals do not realize this until it is too late. David Allen Nutrition uses cutting-edge technology to test for levels of current inflammation in the body and recommends tailored therapies to help our clients to clean out the external toxins for a complete rejuvenation.

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