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Food Allergies

The incidence of food allergies has risen tremendously over the last decade. Today, more people complain about irritation and discomfort as reactions to certain foods than ever before. What is causing this sudden surge of allergic reactions? Has the quality of our food supply deteriorated? Are we becoming more sensitive to food? To some degree, some of these conjectures are true, but some of these “allergies” may even be self-diagnosed due to certain common reactions to some foods such as a rash, bloating or flatulence. At David Allen Nutrition, we are cognizant of the fact that since the beginning of mankind, our food supply has been consistently tainted with more pesticides and GMO supplies that irritate our immune system to cause the rise of food allergies. But more importantly, we want to make sure that the source of these symptoms are actually immune responses to a food compound, and not other underlying issues within the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

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Underlying factors contributing to food allergy-like symptoms may be an altered gut microbiota because bacteria mainly in our colon ferment fibers that pass through it to generate Short-Chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs) and methane gas. The overpopulation of harmful bacteria can generate more of these end products, resulting in an individual feeling bloated or gaseous after a meal. Having a sub-optimal gut microbiome that consists of too many infectious bacteria also increases intestinal permeability. The mucosal layer lining our intestines acts as a barrier between external toxins and our body. This mucosal layer is covered with the bacterial population, which acts as a protective coating. In a leaky GI tract, more toxins can get through into the body, which stimulates the immune system to attack and cause allergic reactions.

Since we are huge proponents of investigating the GI tract to solve many health problems, we also look to GI to find solutions to reduce allergic symptoms. However, before we take any action, we strive to test each client to obtain a comprehensive picture of the GI. We use laboratory results, current symptoms and genetic variances to determine the level of inflammation within the gut. Then, we give natural substances that provide the gut with amino acids, healthy bacteria, anti-inflammatory and anti-autoimmune compounds to soothe the gut.

If the allergic reaction is antibody-mediated and an individual develops sensitivity to a specific protein found in food, then we help our clients cope with the allergy by offering food plans that will be helpful in reducing the likelihood of contact with the irritant. Whatever the client’s need may be regarding a food allergy, the attentive team at David Allen Nutrition strives to pinpoint the source of the problem to bring the body back to a state of harmony.

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