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Heart Health

Today, one in three Americans has been diagnosed with Cardiovascular Disease (CVD). This high prevalence can be partly contributed to eating a horrid Western diet high in saturated fat, cholesterol and sugar. But that is only a portion of the puzzle. At David Allen Nutrition, we have found that individuals already diagnosed with or are at risk for CVD have certain common characteristics. They are often deficient in substances that promote heart health, not particularly because they are not eating enough nutrients, but may be because they are using these beneficial substances up too quickly. In instances like this, eating a healthy diet may help improve cardiovascular health but will not be sufficient in reversing symptoms. At David Allen Nutrition, we explore beyond the traditional drugs such as statins, niacin, fibrates, and cholesterol absorption inhibitors and delve into the natural world to search for compounds that would help with CVD.

“On February 16th, you suggested that I try a nutritional eating program with supplements to reduce my total cholesterol number of 311, triglycerides of 268 and LDL of 201. My fasting glucose level was 177. On that day I weighed 191 lbs. On April 4th, forty-seven days later, my physician took a blood draw and weighed me. My new weight was 171. My total cholesterol had dropped 130 points and the glucose number was reduced by 71 points! Triglycerides went down 205 points and LDL was lowered by 83 points. ”

George M. Potsic, Professor (Los Angeles Valley College)

“At David Allen Nutrition, we return to the gut to investigate therapies we can give to the GI tract to prevent or reverse CVD symptoms. “

In addition, the energy harvest by the beneficial bacteria found in the gut can also prevent CVD. Our bodies cannot break down most of our dietary fiber, but the bacteria can break them down anaerobically to produce Short-Chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs). These SCFAs have found to be helpful in blocking the essential enzymes for endogenous cholesterol synthesis called HMG-CoA Synthase and HMG-CoA Reductase.

In addition to the administer of probiotics, David Allen Nutrition also uses other therapies such as supplementing with the essential enzyme coenzyme Q10 for maximal muscular function of the heart, other natural blood vessel dilator such as nitric oxide, and methyl donors such as MTHFR to rid the body of homocysteine, which increases incidences of CVD.

CVD is responsible for an estimated 16.7 million deaths worldwide and it is the leading cause of global mortality and morbidity. When it comes to treating or preventing CVD, David Allen Nutrition attacks the disease on several facets to offer a truly integrative and revolutionary therapy.

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