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Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance does not only affect Type II diabetic individuals, but also people who have trouble losing weight, because insulin is the body’s signal to utilize the food that we eat to generate energy. At David Allen Nutrition, we help the desensitized insulin receptors to react better to simple sugars such as glucose so energy can be extracted more efficiently from the food that we consume. Better energy utilization will accelerate weight loss, prevent sugar crashes and moderate appetite.

Insulin is the hormone that the body secretes in response to the well-fed state so it acts as a marker for the individual’s current nutritional status. Therefore, proper reaction to insulin is important for regulating appetite. When an individual is at the fasting state, insulin levels in the blood will be low. On the other hand, post-meal insulin levels are going to be high in order to absorb all the nutrients consumed. Insulin resistance causes the pancreas to secrete more insulin, resulting in an overworked pancreas. If the condition persists, the beta cells in the pancreas will cease to work and insulin will no longer be secreted. This is the complete manifestation of insulin resistance.


“When I say ‘crash’ I mean ‘crash’…like get the shakes, headaches, and I would literally get angry if I didn’t eat. Now, I wake up, eat what you have taught me to eat and I am able to sustain for so much longer.”

Kat Tuohy

The pancreas secretes insulin after the ingestion of carbohydrates, which are broken down into glucose molecules inside our gastrointestinal (GI) tract for absorption and energy utilization. Our cells have receptors that are activated by the binding of insulin. The activation of insulin receptors opens the floodgates for glucose to flow into cells for energy generation. Glucose is the precursor for glycogen, which is synthesized in the liver cells to supply short-term bursts of energy. Activated insulin receptors also send downstream signals for muscles to synthesize protein. The synthesis of glycogen and protein are both good indicators that the body is utilizing and storing energy efficiently. Additionally, insulin promotes the activity of liver enzymes essential in energy extraction.

There are natural compounds such as chromium that mimic the action of insulin, thereby aiding in insulin receptor sensitivity. The combination of cinnamon, ginseng, gymnema leaf extract, green tea, Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA), Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) and fish oils has also been proven to ameliorate insulin sensitivity. Insulin may be the root of many problems, such as the difficulty in losing weight, suppressing the appetite and keeping adequate energy levels throughout the day. By helping our clients react better to insulin, David Allen Nutrition is bringing our clients onto the journey of recovery from many pathological conditions.

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