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Neurotransmitter Balance

At David Allen Nutrition, we view the brain as a symphony orchestra, with various classes of instruments all playing in coordination. We strive to help all of our clients concoct the most harmonious music possible by ensuring that all of the players in the symphony are in tune. In an orchestra, if a single instrument is out-of-tune, it may be only noticeable to a keen listener. But if a whole section is out-of-tune, the music made by the entire orchestra will be jeopardized. At David Allen Nutrition, not only do we help those who need minor adjustments to reach optimal brain function, we also reach out to those who need a long-term plan of action to bring the neurotransmitters to a balanced state. We see individuals who hope to concentrate better or think faster and also individuals whose lives have been dramatically hindered by the damages done in their brain from years of stress.

Everything we are faced within life influences the brain neurotransmitters in some way. Having a stressful job, relationships, traumatic events such as an accident or death of a relative, and poor lifestyle choices can all tilt the delicate scale. The scale was made to balance the inhibitory and stimulatory neurotransmitters to regulate our mood, motivation, and energy level. If something like stress constantly puts pressure on our scale, eventually, we will be depleted of the neurotransmitters that keep us calm. Ever wondered why we have different personalities, experience mood swings, are easily irritated, have trouble concentrating or sleeping? These are all signs that our state of harmony has been disrupted in our brain. We do not experience chronic fatigue, lack of energy or low libido because we are inherently built that way, but because of our difference circumstances in life. Some neurological damages are drastic, but luckily, they may be reversible with the right therapeutic methods.

“A month after being with David, I felt like a different person. I was more confident, more productive, my thinking was more clear and focused. It was amazing.”

Allison Mueller

At David Allen Nutrition, we use a progressive methodology that tests for urinary levels of neurotransmitters or their metabolites to analyze their relative activity in the brain. Just like how each family of instruments in an orchestra has a distinctive pitch, each neurotransmitter plays a role in our brain. For example, dopamine is associated with motivation and reward, while serotonin is associated with overall contentment and pain sensitivity. No single neurotransmitter works alone either. They all work in collaboration to perform a task, whether it is to stimulate us to accomplish a goal or preparing us for sleep. For example, serotonin often works alongside GABA to give us a peace of mind. Furthermore, one neurotransmitter can be the precursor to another, so the deficiency of one will have an effect on others. For instance, serotonin has sometimes been found to stimulate the release of dopamine but inhibit the release of glutamate in distinct structures in the brain.

There is not one single approach or a handbook to achieve a well-balanced state of mind. This is why David Allen Nutrition has gained expertise in this field through years of research and observation. We stand out from other physicians in treating neurotransmitter disorders such as depression, anxiety, autism, and post-traumatic stress because we offer the incomparable attention and acuity in scrutinizing the effect of each treatment on the brain through repeated testing. Since the boost of one particular neurotransmitter can disrupt the level of another, we must be extremely attentive and analytical in offering therapies. One may walk into a doctor’s office and walk out with a prescription, but what David Allen Nutrition offers is a comprehensive plan of attack – with Plan B and Plan C meticulously drawn out if Plan A does not work. We are big proponents of using observation and clinical research to help our clients, and we are not interested in offering our clients cookie-cutter solutions that only give temporary relief at best. Whenever possible, we use natural compounds derived from plants to heal.

“Such a flexible and integrative approach is what truly makes David Allen Nutrition unique and why many patients turn out to be great success stories.”

At David Allen Nutrition, our philosophy is just one simple word: symptomology. Our clients rely on us to probe deep into symptoms to conjecture what is going on inside. For example, the primary symptoms of low serotonin levels may be depression and difficulty sleeping at first, but secondary symptoms can extend as far as fibromyalgia, binge eating and obesity. When an individual experiences intense pain from fibromyalgia, we have to step back and look at the bigger picture to determine whether the source of the pain stems from neurotransmitter imbalance or inflammatory response caused by other factors.

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