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Pre & Post Natal Care

Health care before, during, and after pregnancy is essential for proper infant development. Diet and health from before pregnancy to the first five years of life has an enormous impact on a child’s health during adulthood. Conditions in the womb can program the fetus’ health for years after the baby is born. This phenomenon is called fetal programming. We, at David Allen Nutrition, recognize the importance of pre and postnatal care and the effect that it can have on future infant and adult development. Great nutrition before and after pregnancy can especially prevent traumatizing birth defects and health issues like Spina Bifida, Preeclampsia, Neurotoxicity, Cleft Palates, and Rickets. Current research is suggesting that excellent nutrition during and after pregnancy can also help prevent diabetes, some cancers and mental illnesses such as schizophrenia in adulthood.

Key nutrients crucial for optimal fetal cognitive development and placental function include choline and DHA. Adequate maternal folate intake during pregnancy prevents spina bifida. Close monitoring of calcium and vitamin D levels during pregnancy prevents rickets and osteoporosis.

At David Allen Nutrition, we provide food plans and tailored pre-natal vitamins to help avoid birth malformations and aid in successful deliveries. We also provide excellent postnatal care for mothers and infants to ensure the quality of development for both mother and child.

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