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Weight Loss

” Josh Gad Loses 30 lbs. by “Dieting” with David Allen.”

Food is fuel for our body, but when we eat too much of it, our body begins to store the excess energy as fat and weight gain ensues. This is an over-simplified explanation for why we have unwanted weight on us, because in actuality weight gain extends far beyond just food. Some individuals experience weight gain because their metabolism has been compromised, they have moderate to severe gastrointestinal issues or because they have hormonal imbalances. At David Allen Nutrition, we are detectives, because we view weight gain as only a surface symptom to mask an underlying condition.

We drill deep into our clients’ laboratory results and take into consideration their lifestyle patterns to help reverse the underlying issue so our clients can not only shed the pounds, but also keep them off.

Individuals who experience weight gain often have a compromised metabolism, which is the overall catabolic process of our body taking in the food that we eat, breaking it down into substances that our intestines can absorb, and converting it to energy that our tissues can use. Metabolism is a highly regulated process in our body and the master regulators are called hormones.

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Insulin is an essential hormone in metabolism regulation. When we eat carbohydrates, the enzymes in our intestines break them down into simple sugars such as glucose and fructose in the blood. Insulin is subsequently produced by the pancreas and acts on the insulin receptors on the surface of cells. The activation of insulin receptors leads to increased glucose uptake by all cells, and increased glycogen and protein synthesis but decreased gluconeogenesis in liver cells.

Insulin is an anabolic hormone promoting the storage of carbohydrates, lipids and protein. It does so by increasing the expression or activity of enzymes that catalyze the synthesis of glycogen, lipids, and proteins. When we constantly consume high levels of simple sugars such as glucose, our pancreas are constantly pumping out the insulin for cells to uptake the glucose. When our body has sufficient energy, the pathway that generates energy from glucose will be saturated, and the glucose then shunts off to be converted to fat. The liver makes the fatty acids, which are then transported to adipose tissues to be stored. This results in unwanted weight gain.

“When you think of your body as a machine, you understand that food is fuel!”

Insulin receptor sensitivity is crucial for weight loss because insulin plays an essential role in regulating appetite. If our receptors are not responding to high blood glucose, it is not being taken up by our cells, and our body will increase production of catecholamines such as the fight-or-flight hormones norepinephrine and epinephrine to tell the body that it is starving and it needs to get food in right away. The build-up of glucose in the blood stream is damaging because glucose can scar major organs such as the liver and kidneys in addition to contributing to atherosclerosis, which leads to cardiovascular disease. With the high glucose in the bloodstream, the floodgates of our cells will open up to let in all of the glucose at once. The excess glucose in the cells will be converted to fat.

Thyroid hormone is also important for weight loss because hypothyroidism slows down metabolism. It is our body’s mechanism of conserving energy in times of starvation. Individuals experiencing high levels of stress, exposed to environmental toxins or undergoing inflammation may have hypothyroidism, which may lead to weight gain. Since hormones are such important messengers for metabolism, ensuring optimal hormonal levels will maximize weight loss.

David Allen Nutrition has several products that boost metabolism through improving insulin sensitivity, provide cofactors for key enzymes that break down nutrients and maintain GI integrity. For instance, many B vitamins such as thiamin, riboflavin, niacin and pantothenic acid help with the enzyme important for glucose metabolism called pyruvate dehydrogenase. For weight loss, the mobilization of fats is also important. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) has been found through many research studies to promote lipolysis and suppress appetite. In addition, CLA has also been found to decrease serum levels of adipokines such as leptin, TNF-a, adiponectin and interleukines, which tend to increase during inflammation. Inflammation in the body can cause weight gain.

“I can honestly say that I’ve never looked or felt better before in my life. Thank you, Drew.”J.Y. (Los Angeles, CA)

Supplementation of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and healthy fats are just a sneak peak of our comprehensive weight loss program. David Allen Nutrition’s signature cleanse products such as the 21-Day Detox, Ultra Cleanse, and Fit Fuel shakes contain powerful antioxidants to prevent the build up of adipokines, substances that improve liver function, and many vitamins and minerals that serve as cofactors for digestive enzymes. Liver function is absolutely critical because the liver is the site of fat generation and breakdown. Furthermore, our products contain amino acids that maintains the integrity of the intestinal tract and improve functions of beneficial bacteria that further help us absorb nutrients.

Many clients initially seek help from David Allen Nutrition with weight loss goals, but most of them walk out of our office with a peace of mind that we are going to help them with not just weight loss, but with the underlying issues that they may have been battling for years without noticing. Our Cleanse products in addition to natural supplement remedies have had years of good results, and we combine them with personalized diet regimens to bring real results that speak for themselves.

“The combination of eating properly and my supplements has given me more energy.”Eve Romo (West Hills, CA)

The David Allen 21-Day Cleanse is the best way to stimulate weight loss and practice portion control. Try the challenge today and expect phenomenal results.

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