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Allergy Testing

//Allergy Testing

Allergy Testing

You will truly be impressed by what the David Allen Allergy Testing has to offer. Not only does it revolutionize individualized nutrition, but it can also explain the food sensitivities that you could swear you had.

The David Allen Allergy Test detects the various food antibodies present in your blood to gauge your level of sensitivity to certain foods. Ever wondered why you feel bloating, flatulence or tummy discomfort after eating certain foods? It could be because your body has developed a mild allergic reaction to a certain food component. However, since our diets are diverse and varied, it can be difficult to accurately pinpoint the exact culprit without further testing.

Some samples panels from the allergy testing include:

Allergy testing

Based on your test results, David Allen Nutrition can truly provide you with a personalized meal plan, consisting of foods that your body will tolerate the best. Doing so has never-seen-before health benefits. Often times, your body does not tolerate certain foods because your genes are not designed to metabolize and use the nutrients from those foods. By incorporating a diet fit specifically for your DNA, you will be able to receive the maximal benefit extracting the nutrients and using them to build tissues, gain energy and achieve optimal health.