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Blood Testing

//Blood Testing

Blood Testing

The David Allen comprehensive blood test is the best Metabolic Profile Diagnostic Tool to detect malnutrition, inflammation, insulin resistance, hormonal imbalances, inadequate vitamin D levels, adrenal or thyroid dysfunction. This truly all-inclusive test gives us a fairly accurate snapshot of what your body is doing and how well your organs are functioning when you first begin your journey of healing with us.

[blockquote cite=”April Beaty” image=”” align=”left”]David looks inside your body, each person individually, in order to create a specific plan and be successful. [/blockquote]

The David Allen blood panel is obtains comprehensive information about your bodily states. For example, in analyzing thyroid function, we are aware that elevated Reverse T3 is a more important clinical figure than TSH, T3 or T4 alone because reverse T3 limits the actions of the bioavailable T3.

Other nutrient-specific laboratory data found on our report includes a complete composition of your lipid profile. At David Allen Nutrition, we are interested in seeing your cardio-protective HDL levels because even if you are not suffering from hypercholesterolemia, which is the condition of having abnormally high cholesterol levels, you may still benefit from increasing your HDL levels through making lasting diet changes. We cannot emphasize this enough, but David Allen Nutrition is all about optimizing your current levels to help you achieve the best health state for you.

Other unique clinical values found on our Metabolic Panel detect the level of inflammation in your body, the efficiency of your liver and pancreatic functions, and any imbalances in your bioavailable sex hormones. A hyper-immune response, in addition to dysfunctions of liver and pancreas are underlying factors that point to many disease states, such as chronic stress, bacterial or yeast infections, or chronic nutrient deficiencies. We are interdisciplinary problem seekers who take into account your entire metabolic profile to offer suggestions for nutritional intervention.

If you are concerned about some of the abnormal symptoms you have been experiencing, or if you are just looking to have even better bodily functions, contact us today to get the complete Metabolic Profile blood test.