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Five Wonders of Chromium

//Five Wonders of Chromium

Five Wonders of Chromium

FiveWondersOfChromiumDid you know that chromium, a trace mineral, has five wonders? It is a mineral of many benefits, because it helps with glucose utilization, insulin resistance, memory acquisition, glucose metabolism and stress.

When it comes to carbohydrate metabolism, the key words are glucose utilization. It becomes extremely problematic when our body cannot use the energy from food efficiently. As a result, lethargy hits and hunger strikes. That is the fundamental problem behind many diabetic and insulin-resistant individuals.

After the digestion of carbohydrates, the cells have to absorb the individual glucose molecules by sending specific glucose transporters to the cell surface. The signal to send the transporters is stimulated by the hormone insulin. Researchers have found that chromium stimulates glucose uptake by increasing the amount of transporters at the cell surface. Therefore, chromium acts as an insulin-mimic. The clearing of glucose from the bloodstream is a good sign because firstly, the food molecule can be converted to usable energy called ATP and secondly, the lingering glucose could have damaging effects in the blood stream such as the scarring of the blood vessels and the generation of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) that can cause cancer.

The benefits of chromium and glucose metabolism do not only stop at the energetic level, chromium also supports cognitive function. Since glucose transporters are also highly expressed in the human brain due to the fact that glucose is the brain’s most preferred source of energy, the supplementation of chromium improves memory and learning abilities.

Other than its assistance in bringing transporters to the cell surface, chromium also up-regulates the expression of many enzymes involved in glucose metabolism. In addition, chromium increases the amount of enzymes that convert glucose to glycogen, which is an energy source stored specifically in the liver critical for supplying quick bouts of energy to meet immediate needs.

Research studies show that supranutritional amounts of chromium also increase levels of specific neurotransmitters that reduce stress such as serotonin, tryptophan and melatonin. Serotonin, tryptophan and melatonin are all interconverting neurotransmitters that belong to the same pathway.

The body cannot synthesize chromium, so it must obtain it from the diet. Especially for diabetic patients, chromium could significantly improve insulin resistance, glucose metabolism, liver function and cognitive abilities. Even better, chromium can lift mood and pacify any pent-up stress. It is truly a multi-purpose mineral of many wonders.


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