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Glutamine: the gut-healthy food

//Glutamine: the gut-healthy food

Glutamine: the gut-healthy food

When it comes to our gut health, glutamine is the magical nutrient that soothes, energizes and restores the gut. Research has found that glutamine supplementation reduces inflammation in the gut, preserves gut barrier function and increases our body’s ability to produce antioxidants.

At David Allen Nutrition, why do we put so much emphasis on your gut? After all, you can neither see nor touch your intestines. Having a balanced gut is a critical precursor to good health, because most of our immune system lives there, and it is the major site of where nutrients are broken down and absorbed. A sub-optimal gut that is inflamed or leaky can cause many serious chronic diseases, such as autoimmune diseases and obesity.

A team of researchers in Taiwan led by Dr. Tung recently posted in the journal Nutrition that administration of glutamine to mice reduces intestinal inflammation by decreasing the amount of IL-2 cytokines produced in the intestines. It preserves the integrity of the epithelial barrier to allow efficient transportation of nutrients across. Also, since glutamine is the precursor of the antioxidant glutathione, it ameliorates the stress response by permitting the body to produce glutathione to cope with stress.

Intestinal inflammation is the initiator of many rapid downstream ramifications such as Type II Diabetes, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. A group of researchers led by Dr. Yudkin in London found that excessive cytokine production inhibits insulin signaling and constricts arterial size. Intestinal inflammation can be caused by eating a poor diet or by chronic stress. However, glutamine may be able to fix the damage if it is supplemented in the diet.

Having a subdued and efficient gut is the first step onto achieving optimal health. At David Allen Nutrition, our 21-Day Cleanse is a unique formula that contains glutamine to help you reset your gut today.

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