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Allison Mueller

//Allison Mueller

Allison Mueller

Allison Mueller“Hi my name is Ally and I have been a client of Dave’s for about two years now. I originally went into him because I was having trouble losing those last few pounds and I needed help with my energy levels and my mood swings, and my digestion and there was a long list. I went in a bit skeptical because I was like… what is a nutritionist going to help me with, right? And I talked for 45 minutes. I was like… okay this is my medical history, this is what I want to achieve, this is when I want to achieve it, and it didn’t faze him one bit. He looked at me and said, okay this is what we are going to do: A, B and C. And I did a few blood tests, I did an adrenal gland test, and I did a hormone panel. And with all of that, he made a list of supplements that could help me, and gave me a meal plan, and basically changed my life. Before I went to him, I had this feeling of “Is this how I am suppose to feel for the rest of my life?” It’s like… I eat really clean and I work out a lot but I never feel good. A month after being with David, I felt like a different person. I was more confident, more productive. My thinking was more clear and focused. It was amazing. I hadn’t felt that good since… I couldn’t remember when I felt that good. And it’s just really cool because I’ve been to a lot of doctors and I’ve read a lot of books and the one thing that separates David and his office apart from everyone else is that they know how to treat the individual. They don’t stuff you in a box, you know and just say, “oh, this client wants to lose weight and this one wants to clear up their skin. This one wants to balance their hormones. They know how to create a balanced individualized plan and that really helped me, especially living in LA and going from one thing to the next, and you know like never having time. They created a simple plan that is not extreme and I can still travel, I can still be social and I can still feel amazing. They’ve just taught me a different way of life, and I am so appreciative and so blessed to have come across their office. And his staff are amazing. They help you all along the way, and because it is a process, I am not going to lie, it doesn’t happen overnight. Pretty close, hah! But I highly recommend them. Everybody that I have recommended to them have had amazing results and are still in contact with him. I know that I will forever be a client because there is always something. We only have one body and I think that their office and Dave know exactly how to treat anything and everything, quite frankly. But, yeah, good luck on your journey!”

Allison Mueller