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Connie Eakes

//Connie Eakes

Connie Eakes

New Zealand“You’re smart, you know what to do, just eat less and move more”… so said an ex-boyfriend. Easy words if you’re not a food addict with enough baggage (physical/emotional abuse daily for most of my young life) to wear down even the strongest horse. In 2003 I was introduced to David and so began a journey that’s been littered with extreme highs and lows. Coming in at 260 lbs., I was at my wit’s end. I was either eating too much one-day or starving myself the next; I was walking 5 miles twice a day or lounging on the couch, remote in hand, for the next 3 days. My struggles with food are still there if I don’t adhere to David’s eating plan; when I veer off course, it’s always to the “Goodie Path” (sugar/processed carbs). I’m currently at 178 lbs. and walking 30 minutes daily plus lifting weight twice a week. Unfortunately, because I’ve yo-yoed with my diet since I was 7, I’m currently taking meds for diabetes. Remember, old thoughts sometimes take a lifetime to dispense with, even with wise and supportive friends and counseling.

I had a cancer scare last July, which was remedied through surgery and gratefully I was given a clean bill of health; no chemo, no radiation. I owe that to David’s program.

The three things I’ve learned over these last 10 years: 1) if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. For me, this means laying out a menu for the week so I’m not grabbing whatever is available; also, penciling in exercise 6 days a week. I may not love it, however, it’s necessary for my well-being; 2) David has, not once, judged me when I’ve fallen off the wagon. His encouragement, humor, and compassion have given me the strength to be resilient and get back up no matter how many times I fall (Batman quote from movie: “Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up”); and, 3) Most importantly, I no longer care if others make comments about my lifestyle; if they push me to eat processed carbs and sugar, I’m finally able to say no without apologies or explanations. I don’t have to be perfect anymore, just conscious of my choices.

Thank you David, Drew, and all the wonderful staff who keep me on the path I was always meant to be on.

Connie Eakes Los Angeles, CA