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“I saw Drew in 2007 for stomach issues that my doctor could not resolve and I did not want to be on medication for the rest of my life, which is what she was prescribing. After a small change in diet that focused on eating less sugar and was easy! –like eating peanut butter on my toast instead of jam, it went away and I felt great. I also lost 12 pounds! After having two kids, I was leaner than before I was pregnant at 123 pounds!

I didn’t see Drew again until just recently, in 2010, when I had some strange swelling/edema in my foot and hand and again, the doctors had no answers. After many tests that came up negative, the doctors told me that I just was processing salt differently and had to “live with it.” I was gaining 8 pounds a day somedays! this was totally acceptable. Again, I turned to Drew. He had me continue to eat normally and do a protein cleanse shake twice a day. Within two days, all the swelling went away.

He also had me do a NeuroLab HPA test to look at how my neurotransmitters were functioning. It turns out that some levels were lower than they should be. After two days of vitamin supplements, I felt like a new person! Amazing. I was no longer exhausted and felt so much better. All by using natural remedies. I can’t tell you how much Drew helped me. I want people to know so that they see that there are other solutions when they have physical complaints besides taking drugs or “living with it.”

Sometimes, it just takes a small adjustment in your diet and some supplements to balance things out. How easy is that? Easy!! Thanks Drew.”