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Evie Romo

Evie Romo

Dear David,

I can’t even begin to express my gratitude to you and your entire team on the magnificent change that has occurred in my life.

I came to you overweight, fatigued, stressed and with absolutely no direction as to how I could get my life back in control.

The meticulous way in which you studied by blood work and examined my eating and lifestyle was and still continues to amaze me.

I have learned to make the right choices with the meal plan you provided me and can say now that going from a size 14 to a size 10 is remarkable (oh yes! – and still losing). The combination of eating properly and my supplements has given me more energy, my stress is at a minimal and I have now an overall well being that I haven’t felt in a very long time.

Thank you for your kindness, guidance and overall professionalism in helping me understand that taking care of “me” is down right GREAT!!!!!

Evie Romo West Hills, CA