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George M. Potsic

//George M. Potsic

George M. Potsic

Dear Drew,

I would like to write this testimonial in appreciation of the excellent professional advice and suggestions you have given me the last several months.

On February 16th of this year you suggested I try a nutritional eating program and use of supplements to take which may reduce my total cholesterol number of 311, triglycerides of 268 and LDL of 201. My fasting glucose level was 177. On that day I weighed 191 lbs.

On April 4th, forty seven days later, my physician took a blood draw and weighed me. My new weight was 171. My total cholesterol had dropped 130 points and the glucose number was reduced by 71 points!!! Triglycerides went down 205 pts. & LDL was lowered by 83 pts.

It was a remarkable statement of your expertise in handling my eating program and use of supplements while I continued exercising five days a week.

You have helped me to understand how important it is to follow a successful eating program with necessary supplements while performing a reasonable exercise program. Thank you for such sound and realistic advice.

I highly recommend your services to anyone who is willing to follow a simple program of eating nutritionally and exercising regularly by following your expert advice.

George M. Potsic Professor, Los Angeles Valley College