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Geri LuPiba

//Geri LuPiba

Geri LuPiba

I am a single mother, 52 years old, with 3 daughters, and an International Flight Attendant for a Major Airline. I weighed 178 pounds when I first came to Drew. He has helped me get into shape. I now eat right in a conscious way and I feel I’m in the best health at my age. He’s the reason for my transformation, mind, body, spirit, heart and soul.

Drew has educated me on Food and the different Food Groups and what it does in combination, with his Knowledge and Wisdom. He has designed a special program for me, eating the right foods at the right times, snacking healthy and nibbling every 3 hours. He also taught me how to shop for food and how to prepare my food and snacks to take with me on my trips. He has my supplements shipped to me. I am humbled with gratitude in my heart for having Drew in my life. I feel blessed.

Goodbye – Menopause – no more night sweats no more hot flashes, I don’t feel like I’m in menopause, thank you kindly Drew. I live my life with Bliss and laughter, like I’m truly 21 years old, starting over with life experiences under my belt.

Drew has been my food therapist since March, 2006. I have lost 35 pounds and will continue to lose another 25 pounds, which is my target weight down 60 lbs. without pressuring myself. I call upon Drew at any given moment with questions and power talks to keep me on track. No matter what country, state or city I am in, he is always available and ready to tackle anything that is on my mind, to keep me on track whether by cell phone or email. Through his soft spoken patient ways, I am confident I can do it. Above all, he’s my coach that gives me power talks when I need it.

I owe Drew my results for being in my prime and perfect health and getting to my happy weight, as I continue to visualize seeing my dream come true. Drew is making each step along my journey a reality. God Bless Drew Prinz, I owe you Big Time.

All My Love Forevermore.

Aloha and a Big Mahalo from my Heart,

Geri LuPiba Houston, Texas