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Dear Drew,

I want to thank you for the encouragement and support you gave me when I was embarking on this arduous journey of improving my health and lifestyle.

I never realized how life would change when I first came to see you. For years, not only was I unhappy with the way I looked but I was unhealthy and didn’t know how to improve the way I felt. You asked me to complete a survey with a diagram of a human body and to circle all the parts of my body that I felt were ailing, etc. I, of course, put a big circle around my stomach, because I always felt like I had an upset stomach. It NEVER occurred to me that the pain was a product of unhealthy eating.

Your advice helped me understand the balance between eating healthy and the positive effect that it had on my body. Not only have I continued my healthy choices and maintained my weight, but I can truly say that I don’t believe in diets, but changes in lifestyle. I look at my old pictures and I don’t recognize myself, but I can’t complain because I can honestly say that I’ve never looked or felt better before in my life. Thank you again.

J.Y. Los Angeles, CA