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Kat Tuohy

Kat Tuohy

kat-tuohy“As cliche as it sounds, Drew, you have literally changed my life!

I have never felt better, stronger, and have more energy in my entire life. Three months ago I would have never thought I could survive without bread and processed carbs. I felt like I needed them throughout my day. What would happen is I would eat some cereal in the morning, then three hours later I would ‘crash’ and I would then eat a sandwich or something heavy in carbs.

When I say ‘crash’ I mean ‘crash’…like get the shakes, headaches, and I would literally get angry if I didn’t eat. Now, I wake up, eat what you have taught me to eat and I am able to sustain for so much longer. My body speaks to me so differently now. When I get hungry, I just get hungry in my stomach, not in my whole body. The shakes, anger, and headaches are gone! You have no idea how unbelievably priceless that is to me. I feel better, and healthier than I have in years (probably in my entire life).

And…i’ve lost 5 pounds so far!!! I have a goal of 10 pounds to lose, half-way there! And I have no doubt that you will get me there. And don’t forget how much fun I am having learning all these new wonderful foods! I never thought I would be making Quinoa Tibouli and Lentil Soup! Mmm, so yummy! I can’t stop looking at my stomach in the mirror…I’m enjoying watching it shrink. Coming from someone who has tried everything and has never been able to lose weight, from the bottom of my heart I thank you so much for what you have done for me. I truly feel like a new me!”

Kat Tuohy