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Kathy Lohmann

//Kathy Lohmann

Kathy Lohmann

Kathy Lohmann“Have you ever had a life changing moment?  I did, when I turned to David Allen Nutrition for help with my frustration of weight gain.

Life’s happenings had increased stress in my life and my health was affected tremendously.  Weight gain was steady and dealing with stress in general was challenging.  The care and attention I received at David Allen was overwhelmingly moving and guided me through a 40 lb weight loss journey, feeling better and obviously looking better than I have in years.

David put me on a program, answered my questions and took genuine care in my health and concerns.  The entire team in David’s office embraces you with a caring sense that is not always present in an office situation.  How wonderfully blessed I feel to have experienced, and continue to experience, the attention and nurturing support from the moment you enter the office to when you leave, it feels like family.  David Allen and Drew Prinz lead their team in a fashion that is unique. The knowledge, professionalism, atmosphere and guidance are to be compared to no other nutritional office that I know of. I have chatted with both David and Drew regarding insecurities, needing reinforcement or just general questions, always to be answered and explained in detail and language that I completely understand and feel confident and secure with.  They are a wealth of knowledge.

I use the term Life Changing, because this journey is just that.  My emotional state of mind is back on steady ground; my confidence is back which changes your approach to every day.  I rise and face each day with positivity and I feel strongly that David Allen Nutrition is such a strong presence and force behind this amazing transformation of mind, body and soul.  Friends ask, what did you do, you look amazing? I can only answer, David Allen Nutrition.  I thank David over and over, but it doesn’t seem enough…but once again David, Thank you for helping me reclaim my life and not accepting the one I had fallen into!”

Kathy Lohmann Woodland Hills, CA