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Kelly Carter

//Kelly Carter

Kelly Carter

kelly-carter“David Allen Nutrition has helped me so much in so many different ways. I am a competitive athlete in Submission Fighting and Mixed Martial Arts. When I first came to David Allen I was 25 lbs. overweight, which was a factor that lead to a broken ankle that required surgery. While I was down with this injury, I was able to take off 18lbs mainly from the food plan and supplementation and have taken off another 5lbs since back in training. I was able to heal from the injury well enough to take 2nd in the CA International Tournament and 1st in the CA State Championships in an age group younger than me and against advanced blackbelts. At 40 years old, I am a better fighter than I have ever been. What you eat reflects on your performance especially when you are competing against great fighters in their prime. Thank you for all the help David and his crew.

I am also a holistic health care provider and I have sent many of my clients to David with great success. My clients benefit from this partnership of expert nutrition and professional physical training. I recommend it to all my clients and anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle, and to fell younger, stronger and more confident about their bodies.”

Kelly Carter M.S.O.M.