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Manny Arguello

//Manny Arguello

Manny Arguello

Manny talks about the journey he has gone through with David to help him dealing with stress. “My name is Manny Arguello, and I have been a client of David’s for over 11 years. I first went to David because I was having trouble with my adrenals, extra pounds, a bunch of extra pounds by the way. He helped me get everything under control and I’ve been seeing him, like I said for over 11 years now, and I have been religious about taking my supplements. I have been religious about following what David tells me. Taking my hormones, doing blood tests every year. And I am in great condition, in great health, and I owe it all to David because he has guided me through the challenges that I have had. I have a very stressful job, and I am very happy, because I have David in my life and he has helped me be better everyday.”

Manny Arguello