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Marcel H.

Marcel H.

“I came to see Drew with symptoms similar to irritable bowel syndrome. Food just upset my gastrointestinal system tremendously. I was bloaty, grumpy and by the end of each day feeling pretty toxic. I recently got married and being grumpy a lot of the time certainly wasn’t helping my marriage. My wife would often take it personally if I was irritable which would make both of us more stressed.

First, Drew had some of my specimens tested to find out what was going on. Then, he gave me a diet to follow and supplements to clear out some of the bacterial and yeast infections. He then gave me supplements to replenish the good bacteria in my tummy. This was supplemented with digestive enzymes.

Overall, I feel much better and my wife has noticed that I am much less grumpy. I continue to take the digestive enzymes as a maintenance and have incorporated daily exercise as well. I am feeling better than I have in a long time and I am very glad that I worked with Drew. Especially when doctors had not much to offer me, I am glad I was able to find help taking a nutritionist’ approach to my irritable tummy.”

Marcel H. Westlake Village, CA