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Patricia Fay

//Patricia Fay

Patricia Fay

patricia-fay“Drew has been a godsend. I am a triple-certified fitness professional and president of my own training business. Despite that, I have a long history with the dieting roller coaster. I decided to end the nonsense and hire someone who knows more than I do. Drew listened patiently to my health history and concerns. He is a wealth of high level information and imparts this knowledge with cheer and energy. I now feel in control of food. He found the perfect combination of diet, supplements and lifestyle changes to support the changes I needed to make. I now feel mentally normal, do not have cravings and am inspired to stay in this good place. I am not quite finished with my 21 day detox and have already lost 8 lbs. This new way of life has given me hope that I really can achieve my goals and maintain the lifestyle I want. It has not been difficult and is beyond worth it!

Thank you Drew!”

Patricia Fay Beyond Expectations Coaching, Vermont