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Wendy T.

Wendy T.

“I met David through a friend in 2001. I was working out like crazy after having 2 babies, but the weight was not coming off. I went to see David and I was hooked at my first appointment. He taught me how to eat properly and then the weight literally fell off. Then I got pregnant again in 2002 with TWINS! He developed a healthy eating program for me during pregnancy and I only gained 30 pounds. Not only did he help my with my food planning, but he also got rid of my IBS. His holistic approach to nutrition and health is above and beyond what I expected. He now sees my children and I have referred him numerous clients who have also stayed loyal and been seeing him for years. I always consult with David before I head to the doctors office! When it comes to my families health he has always lead down the right path. You can’t afford not to see him!”

Wendy T. Beverly Hills, CA