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Lorena Melgar

//Lorena Melgar

Lorena Melgar

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Lorena Melgar, and I’ve been seeing David Allen for about twelve years now. I have gone through many different phases with him, because I have been going to him before I had my two kids. My kids are 6 and 8 now. The first reason I went to him was for weight loss. I was just working out a lot. I have always been really active and overdo things, a little bit. You know, eat a little bit too much or… So, it wasn’t working. I wasn’t getting results. So I went to go see him. You know, you fill out a bunch of questionnaires. It takes you a little while to go through them, but that gives them an idea of what is going on with you. And then from there, he sees if you need any type of testing. At that time, yeah I had GI testing and my GI tract was pretty bad. So we had to work on that. And then I had to be a little patient and not be so highly active in my workouts and he personalized the plan for me. And it’s not even that strict. I can eat anywhere I want. I can order exactly what I need to be. He just cleans it up. So it’s not a diet plan, so to say, it is just a very healthy way of eating that can still taste good. So to me, that was like… yay! Ok I can do this. And then once you see the results, in your feeling, in your energy… makes a big difference. So I got kids, and then again I went back to him because I wanted to drop the weight again after my second child. And then as we were personalizing my plan again, I just started getting really hormonally imbalanced. Yeah it was post-partum, but at that time, it had been like a year after so we decided to do some more testing. And we did the blood test, hormones, and I was actually low in testosterone, which was news for me. I did not think that that would be my issue so I would have never known how to correct it. Also, I suffered from depression and I was at the point of going to the doctor. I had gotten prescriptions for anti-depressants even though it goes against what I believe. ‘Cause I just don’t believe in them. They are chemicals and they are not good for you. And I surrendered, and I did the brain chemistry test, and sure enough, I was producing way too much cortisol, so I was highly stressed and I didn’t even know it. So that kept the weight on. And also my serotonin levels were really low. So once I took the supplements, and creams and everything that he gave me, I really really started feeling better. You know, it takes a couple of weeks but it’s all worth it because it is such a long-term healing process and I would honestly say that that was my biggest break-through – my hormonal imbalance and my brain chemistry. Much more than weight loss, because that contributes to weight gain. If you are not happy, or you are imbalanced, you are going to crave a lot of things. A lot of sugar, alcohol, whatever it is. So David has just been wonderful in my life. I’ve had great breakthroughs with him… and also anti-aging. He is amazing for that! Honestly people think that I am ten years younger than what I look. I won’t reveal my age. But trust me, I look good! So thanks to David Allen.