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Incredible Progress Photos by Shanna Moakler !

//Incredible Progress Photos by Shanna Moakler !

Incredible Progress Photos by Shanna Moakler !

I’m really excited to announce I’ve partnered with @davidallennutrition ? A year ago I started my healthy lifestyle journey and it was hard! I went to a doctor who lied to me and told me I needed hormones, ( they do this because they get bonuses) which I didn’t need at all! I had a pellet put into my body that made me gain 40lbs!! I saw myself on my last reality show and was not happy with 1) how I looked but more then anything 2) I just hated how I felt…I was working out 2 to 3 hours a day! I’m not joking and seeing zero results! I didn’t fit in any of my clothes and I was just frustrated @davidallennutrition finally got me back on track, it wasn’t just my diet, it wasn’t just working out, it was a tailored program catered to my needs and getting the garbage the other doctor had put in me out!! I know people will say you look fine in all photos, but we all have a goal or a way we like to feel in our skin, I was unhappy and I feel blessed to have found someone to help me meet my personal goals! I post about people and products I believe in! I believe in this company and will be doing weekly posts and YouTube vids on all the great products @davidallennutrition offers and what I used to get back on track! You can get more info by using the link in my bio, I started with this cleanse and then getting my tailored plan! Aging, stress, health factors all weigh in on our progress! I hope I can help some people out there who have had some of the same struggles as me, oh and David even works through FaceTime, you don’t need to be in LA to start making changes now! All the best!